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Customer Support


US/Canada residents: 1-866-350-5804

Worldwide / International residents: 00-800-3973-3420

Group Reservations: 1-800-992-4023 (for groups of 5 or more rooms)



After booking your reservation, you will be provided an e-mail address that you can send any questions you may have. We have helpful agents that will be available to answer questions about your reservation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Q. Is my credit card safe?

A. Yes. We use a secure server that encrypts the credit card number.

Q. For some reason, my credit card is being declined, why?

A. Either your card type is not accepted at that specific hotel, the expiration date has past, you have went over your credit limit or there is a system error. Please call us at the toll-free number above.

Q. Is the rate I am paying per person or per night?

All rates displayed on our site are nightly rates, based on double occupancy.


Q. At what time is my reservation in the hotels system?

A. On "Special Internet Rates" your name will not be in the hotels system until 72 hours prior to your arrival. Your room is indeed booked, so please don't worry. For "Additional Rates" it will take at least 24 hours for your reservation to be entered into the hotels system.

Q. Will I receive written confirmation of my reservation?

A. No. All you will need is the e-mail confirmation sent to you by


Q. How do I go about cancelling my reservation?

A. Please click here or call us at the toll-free number above.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. Each hotel may have a different cancellation policy. When you reach the form on where you make your reservation, the cancellation policy will be displayed for you.


Q. Can I make my reservation over the phone?

A. Yes. Please call us at the toll-free number listed at the top of this page.

Q. Do I have to pay extra if there are more than 2 adults in the room?

A. The majority of hotels allow additional guests to stay, but sometimes there is a charge associated with that. There is usually a occupancy limit as well. As you are booking your reservation, take note of the occupancy for the room type you are interested in staying.

Q. Do children stay free?

A. Generally children under 12 years of age stay free however the age may vary at different hotels. Please check the policies while you are booking your reservation.

Q. If I find a lower rate after I make my reservation, can I re-book at the lower rate?

A. On "Special Internet Rate" reservations we guarante them to be the lowest rate available online! If for some reason you find a lower rate for the same hotel and timeframe, please make sure you call us within 24 hours of booking your hotel. We will then either refund you the difference or cancel your reservation with no penalty to you. Special events may be exempt from the lowest rate guarantee.